Natalie Lord writer


     It all started with a gold star. A small, sparkling gold star, awarded to me when I was but 6-years old for an interpretation of Peter and the Wolf. At that point, I couldn't realise the significance that golden sticker would have. All I knew then was that I had enjoyed writing a story, someone had enjoyed reading it, and the pages looked a lot prettier for the sparkling addition.

     From then, while other children played with toys, I made books out of paper and cardboard and wrote stories of talking strawberries and dancing flowers. I would regularly take my imagination into green fields with a pile of several books, none of which I would put down until darkness took time away from me.

     My relationship with words blossomed. After liaisons with the school magazine, University publications and the diversion of an Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Business Studies and Italian from University College London; I decided to take a Master of Arts Degree in Journalism at the University of London.

     My time as a Journalist allowed me to work with some of the most respected names in Media. I began as an Editorial Assistant at Reuters London, where I once published a piece on Bruce Oldfield and Princess Diana when I was supposed to be writing his obituary. It appeared shortly afterwards on the lead pages of The Bangkok Post. I then moved to Reuters Television and later CNBC Europe before settling at The Financial Times as a Reporter, Deputy Editor and eventually a Presenter for FTtv - Financial Times Television. The happiest days in my time as a Journalist.,

     Then came Asia. Tokyo, Japan. In a move precipitated by the heart. My initial days were brightened by the offices of The Financial Times, where I worked for a short time as a freelance Reporter, before being offered a position as Senior Editor and Narrator for a daily English news programme on NHK World, Japan's premier television station. CNN International Hong Kong came knocking three years later, and it is in Hong Kong that I remain.

     As a Eurasian of Swiss and Sri Lankan parentage, I never knew when or where I might find my home, until I landed in Hong Kong and realised I was no longer searching. Seven years have passed with considerable speed, and time has seen my mind demand new challenges of me. Where once I was satisfied with writing copy and reporting news and business stories, the appeal had waned. I found myself drawn to the artistry of words; overcome with a desire to entice an audience into stories they would neither be able nor wish to turn away from.

     Fate intervened and on a few stolen days away, deep in the hill country of The Philippines, a stranger told me of a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing at Hong Kong's City University. Applications were closing two days later but determination and aspiration allowed me to apply, and I won a place on the course.

     My first novel is now well underway and each day, as I sit enthusiastically at my desk, I hope and wish that another little gold star might one day find its way to me.